We understand the cash flow challenges of micro and small businesses. We also understand that business owners are hesitant to reach out and ask professionals advice because of the fear that costs may be too high. We have created a fee plan that addresses those two concerns and also ensures resources are available to you when you need them throughout the year.

We charge a custom, flat, monthly fee for our services and offer unlimited support to our clients. The best part is, there are no surprise fees! Should you require some out-of-scope work, such as preparing a cash flow summary for the bank, or working through a specific audit, we will let you know of any extra costs upfront and come to a mutual agreement about those costs before we start.

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Call, email or book an initial Teams meeting.

Let’s have a conversation (Teams or in person) about your goals, pain points, and expectations on what you want from an accounting service.

We will provide you with a draft agreement tailored specifically to your unique circumstances. If you choose to proceed, an electronic version is sent for signature.

This meeting will introduce you to the ASI team members who will be working on your account.

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Unlimited access to Professional Accounting Services without surprise expenses

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